WhoWe Are

Located in Melbourne’s Bayside Area, we invite guests to discover why Squires Loft are “The Steak Specialists”. Our goal at Squires Loft is to provide guests with a memorable and exceptional dining experience that is delivered with passion and generosity.

Squires Loft Cheltenham has created a new benchmark for restaurant design in the Bayside area. Mixing a blend of sophisticated, yet comfortable design, the interior space creates a vibrant atmosphere that allows for intimate and private gatherings yet also easily caters for large groups and family gatherings – always in a sophisticated environment.

Executive Chef KJ (Jason Lau) and his expertly trained team, perfectly cooks a broad selection of steaks on our exclusive grills. Our proprietary secret baste is the envy of steak restaurants across Australia, generously applied throughout the chargrilling process to create a truly distinctive Squires Loft flavour.
Our attentive staff ensure that your entire experience at Squires Loft is stellar from beginning to end.

Squires Loft Cheltenham is run by a highly committed and experienced team headed up by Troy Cox. Troy has over 20 years’ experience, starting as a Barman at Squires Loft South Yarra in 1998, he quickly climbed the ranks and was promoted to Manager where he ran the restaurant for 8 years. In 2006 Troy opened his own Squires Loft becoming a part owner of the Albert Park venue. He was very much a hands-on owner, working the floor as often as possible and over time building strong relationships with his clientele, many of whom to this day are still regular Squires Loft customers.

Troy furthered his Squires Loft experience by opening the Essendon venue in 2013 followed by the Williamstown venue in 2014. It was also during this year 2014, that Troy was approached by long-time customers and friends Claudio and Marco Gattino. They presented Troy with an opportunity to open yet another store, this time in Cheltenham, which would occupy the retail space of an apartment complex that the brothers were about to develop. Troy was excited by this proposal, an agreement was made, and the trio went ahead and purchased the previously untapped Squires Loft Bayside Franchise rights, which has become what we know today as the unique and custom-designed “Squires Loft Cheltenham”.

In the years leading up to the delivery of space for the Cheltenham site, Troy’s passion for the Squires Loft brand continued to be evident, when he relocated his family to Koh Samui, Thailand, where he successfully opened the first international Squires in 2015.

Once construction of the Cheltenham site had commenced, Troy and his family returned to Melbourne, and along with the co-owners Claudio and Marco, worked tirelessly together to create a spectacular space for the newest Squires Loft. This space had to be special, to compliment the strong, proud reputation that is synonymous with the Squires Loft brand. It was then after much hard work, that Squires Loft Cheltenham opened its doors with great anticipation in November 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to what we believe is the best Steak restaurant in the Bayside Area.

Troy Cox


SquiresLoft Story

Since 1993 Squires Loft has been combining the finest range of Australian meats to provide a memorable dining experience. Its success and demand for Squires Loft’s unique flavour and quality has led to substantial interest in customers and staff wanting to duplicate the business model. The result, being 17 stores presently operating locally and internationally.

Our Meats
All our steaks are yielded from a combination of Australian pasture-fed and grain-fed beef, predominantly from the lush green pastures of the Gippsland District in Victoria and Northern New South Wales. Our beef is wet-aged for 28 days at strictly controlled temperatures to maximise tenderness and enhance flavour even further.
Our meat supplier is HACCP accredited, licensed by Meat and Live Stock Australia, and complies with all relevant standards and regulations for both domestic and export markets. We have our own cutting line at the meat supplier, with the same crew cutting all our steaks to ensure consistency. Our portioned steaks are then vacuum-sealed ready for delivery.

Squires Loft Basting
The secret to our growing success not only relies on our quality, exceptional service and spot on cooking standards, but also on our steak basting. This is the defining point in our unique flavour and delivers the massive Squires Loft taste which brings customers back time and time again. All our steaks are basted throughout the cooking process. Our famous pork ribs are marinated and slow cooked for 15 hours in baste and most of our sauces contain this unique flavour as a main ingredient.